Writing believable characters facing impossible situations... but God.

May your New Year be intentional! Intent on growing your faith; intent on drawing closer to Dad; intent on doing what you can to help others.

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EZ is shocked to learn demons exist... and completely freaked out that he's supposed to kill them!

As a special needs boy living in foster care, Ezekiel Taylor has always struggled with fear and insecurity.

But when EZ meets a mysterious man named Friar, he learns that not only does he have special needs, he also has a special gift…

The ability to slay demons.

Despite his fears, EZ must embark on a journey to a hidden realm where he must confront and defeat powerful demons in order to save the world from darkness. Along the way, he discovers strength and courage he never knew he had and learns the true meaning of bravery…

Facing your fears no matter what.

Through his journey, EZ grows in strength and faith, learning to stand up to demons both real and imaginary. After living in a world where he’s one of “the least of these,” he discovers that he might just be someone special after all.

But will EZ survive long enough to slay his own personal demons?

EZ Taylor, Demon Slayer is a thrilling and inspiring series of tales of one boy's journey to discover his true identity and purpose in life.

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